Class Overview

At Ruckhouse we offer a multitude of classes no matter where you are on your fitness journey. We have been able to build our portfolio of class offerings over the years to have something for everyone from personal training or bootcamps to training for races. The hardest part is showing up: pick a class and we will help with the rest!


Ruck Bootcamp (1.0 and 2.0)

Our Bootcamp classes are designed for a full body work out, mixing both weights and cardio to maximize calorie burn while building muscle. Each class is unique from the instructor to the muscle groups, so you will never get bored of your workout!


With Ruck bootcamp you will not only burn more calories in a shorter period of time, your metabolic rate will remain higher for hours after class helping you lose fat. You will also gain muscle strength with weight integration. Overall, these classes promote improved oxygen consumption and reduces heart rate, blood pressure and blood sugar



Training for the next Toughmudder, Spartan Race, or any obstacle course? Ruckhouse’s elite trainers will set you up to dominate whatever obstacle you are facing. Our classes are designed to prepare you for your next race.


Training for any race on your own can be difficult, why do it? Train with like-minded individuals with a goal of crossing the race finish line! We work together as a family to encourage each individual’s goal whether it is an obstacle course, race or just wanting to train! Ruckhouse will prepare you for the course, train for injury prevention, and encourage you to push your limits.

Blitz (Core/Cardio Blitz, VO2 Blitz)

Blitz is known in the military as an intensive or sudden attack. Any of our blitz classes are just that! These classes utilize a sudden, energetic, and concerted effort on each station within the class.


Taking high intensity to another level, you will exert more energy to allow your body to dip into the stored fat as an energy sore. Benefits? You are using your own energy for these workouts to help burn even more calories, subsequently burning fat.


Ruck Yoga

If you are looking for a mind, body and soul workout, our Power Vinyasa classes are for you! Vinyasa yoga is connecting breath and movement as we flow from one position to another, at Ruckhouse we power up our yoga utilizing our body weight or added weights to the flows.


Yoga is a moving meditation working to clear your mind and body of anything you are holding onto that no longer serves you. Our RuckYoga class allows you to cleanse your mind and body while building strength through each asana (position)