It all started when…


Two guys, walked into a gym…sort of.

The Ruckhouse name was created in honor of a gym on base where Vinny was deployed. This was a place for military to escape their day-to-day duties, clear their minds and grow both physically and mentally.

Bringing the Ruckhouse to Rochester, meant we also honor military values. As a veteran owned business, we preach discipline, strength and comradery.

Chris introduced Obstacle Course Training to the offerings, which opened up a new set of challenges for their members. Ruckhouse members train to compete in races such as the ToughMudder and Spartan Races all over the country.

Our Values

Our success lies within our core values. At the core of who we are, we are made up of individuals who have band together to become a support system for one another. Every person who steps into Ruckhouse is a valuable team member.

Our Goals

Our goals are simple, we align our intentions with your aspirations! Wherever you may be in your wellness journey, we are right there to help motivate you and provide you with the best tools to surpass your health and wellness goals!